Solomon Ross

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Solomon Ross

About Solomon:

Solomon Ross is one of the newest members to Invision Media.  He has been the gaffer for most of the productions so far but is stepping up into some bigger shoes as 1st AD and as Director. He is currently a Film/Video/Screenwriting student at the University of Texas in Arlington.


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His Own Words:

I grew up with an artist for a mother and an entrepreneur for a father. They always encouraged me in both the creative and risky aspects of life. I remember being in junior high making movies with siblings and friends. All we had was an old Hi-8 camera and edited our videos with a VCR. They were terrible but they propelled me to pick the path of film school. Not the “safest” venture perhaps, but it’s what I feel God has given me a desire and gifting for.In school you are usually tagged as one thing, director, writer, editor, etc… Maybe someday my passion will change but as of now I love it all. I’m enticed by technical nerdy-ness but I can’t sit by and let a bad story be told either. I love business and marketing too, it’s all so hard to choose, but who said you have to? As one of the youngest at Invision Media I believe I am still searching out where I fit into the ever-growing filmmaking world, and that’s an adventure I am more than happy to take.


Invision Credits:

M & Simpson – Episode 1 – Director
M & Simpson – The Pickup – Gaffer
The Exchange - Assistant Director
NOBLE – Gaffer
The Agent – Background Actor, Production Assistant