Paul Griffith

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Paul Griffith

About Paul:

Paul Griffith is one of the founders of Invision Media and is a Producer and/or Director for most of Invision’s films. He’s worked for several worldwide non-profits in a variety of production roles over the past 10+ years including producing, post-production and VFX, camera department, engineering and more. He’s born, raised and currently living in Fort Worth, TX.


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Instagram: paulgriffith


His Own Words:

I was raised on set. My dad was in media for my entire life, so ever since I was five I got to tag along and “help”. Since then I’ve grown taller and I’ve been fortunate enough to edit and produce national television programs and work with some of the larger non-profits in our area, both doing production and post work travelling around America. Now the focus is film.

I started Invision Media a few years back with Matthew Kurth and Dave Harris, and we now get to work with some of the most talented people around. There’s a few shorts released, a few in post and a feature being planned. We’re excited!

Any success I have so far I credit God for and the others that have joined the team. There’s no way I could have done this on my own.

We’re all still learning, and as I learn I look forward to sharing my experience.


Invision Credits:

Santa Warfare (Don’t Mess With Santa) – Director, Editor, VFX Artist
M & Simpson – Episode One – Producer, Sound Designer
M & Simpson – The Pick Up – Director, Producer, Editor, VFX Artist
The Exchange – Director, Producer, Editor
NOBLE – Director, Producer, Editor
The Agent – Director, Producer, Editor, VFX Artist
Sixty Seconds of Action – Director, Editor