Nikolay Pavlov

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Nikolay Pavlov

About Nikolay:

Nikolay Pavlov does a little bit of everything. Originally from Ukraine, he moved with his family as a child and now lives in Fort Worth, TX working in the television department of a world-wide non-profit organization. On set with Invision Media he’s helped by acting, helping out behind the camera or loaning us cool cars from his KGB-esque Mercedes Benz collection and more recently has started taking on more leadership and assistant director roles.


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His Own Words:

I enjoy the technical side and the behind-the-scenes shadows of media production. I’m fortunate to have been at it for more than 15 years starting at a young age. Now I work at a TV Studio as a media processing tech and training to become a video engineer. When I can I like to travel the globe helping with live productions and conferences. If you look close, you may spot some of my prized Mercedes-Benz’s in some of our shorts. I was born in Ukraine but have spent the 20 some odd years in Texas and love it.



Invision Credits:

Santa Warfare (Don’t Mess With Santa) - Assistant Director
M & Simpson – Episode One – Actor, Production Assistant
M & Simpson – The Pick Up – Actor, Production Assistant, Mercedes Wrangler
NOBLE – Production Assistant
The Agent – Actor
Sixty Seconds of Action – Actor