Matthew Kurth

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Matthew Kurth

About Matthew:

Matthew Kurth is one of the founders of Invision Media. He’s had a passion for film and video from an early age and serves as Producer and Director of Photography for most of Invision’s films as well as the occasional edit and most of the color work. As an artist with a camera and a guru in post, Matthew has been able to work with several large churches and ministries over the years in a variety of production, post-production and leadership roles. He currently lives in Fort Worth, TX with his wife and two daughters.


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His Own Words:

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been interested in movies. I remember making home movies with my friends and siblings with nothing more than a hi-8 camcorder and a VCR. I always seemed to have a natural knack for the technical aspects of our little productions and regularly found my self behind the camera and in front of the TV editing our movies linearly with our VCR.

As I transitioned into adulthood, this fascination and interest for film didn’t go away and eventually pushed me to start an indie film company with one of my fellow filmmakers. I also love trying to keep up with the latest and greatest techniques and oh, so nerdy, gadgets that allow us to make beautiful motion pictures. Along my journey, I’ve learned my fair share from trial & error and here on this site I will share what I’ve learned as a cinematographer & the cool gadgets that are currently catching my attention.


Invision Credits:

Santa Warfare (Don’t Mess With Santa) - Director of Photography, VFX Artist
M & Simpson – Episode One – Producer, Editor
M & Simpson – The Pick Up – Director of Photography, Producer, VFX Artist
The Exchange – Director of Photography, Producer
NOBLE – Director of Photography, Producer, Colorist
The Agent – Director of Photography, Producer
Sixty Seconds of Action – Director of Photography. Producer