Karyssa Foster

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Karyssa Foster

About Karyssa:

Currently navigating the next steps of her life at Bible school, Karyssa Foster has done a bit of everything in the field of theatrical production. From acting, to stage managing, to makeup and hair, to making sure the crew doesn’t destroy props with their vivid imaginations, she has been in the spotlight and behind the scenes enough to know that she is passionate about all things fine arts. Never afraid of a challenge, she is constantly involving herself in every opportunity to grow and serve on any set or stage that presents itself. She currently lives in Fort Worth, TX, and strongly believes that it is the best city on God’s good earth.


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Twitter: http://twitter.com/karyssarenee
Facebook: facebook.com/karyssarenee


Her Own Words:

Creating is the adventure I have been called to embark on. I revel in the process of taking pieces that alone mean nothing, and composing them into something captivating. There is no feeling quite like being able to use art to communicate a story. Music, film, photography, set design, editing, it is all part of bringing movies to life so others can enjoy their own peculiar beauty. I have taken part in all of those areas, but I am inspired mainly by music and cinematography. The two are a powerful combination. I am a firm believer in the truth that nothing is impossible, and I am excited to see how my life unfolds working with these things.


Invision Credits:

Santa Warfare (Don’t Mess With Santa) – Production Assistant
NOBLE – Production Assistant