Jordan Covarelli

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Jordan Covarelli

About Jordan:

Jordan is a freelance composer/arranger/engraver and serves as the primary music composer for Invision Media and helps with production sound from time to time. He fell in love with music at the age of 4, promising his parents he would become a rockstar. Redirecting his energies later in adolescence, he attended Oral Roberts University, where he was classically trained and earned a Bachelors of Music in Composition/Technology.  Over the years he has recorded scores for numerous short films and commercials as well as original stand-alone works for orchestra, small ensembles and piano. For Invision, Jordan scores soundtracks, edits sound FX, mixes and masters the soundscape, records ADR and foley, pulls all-nighters and watches episodes of Modern Family while waiting on renders. He currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Before moving to Texas, he traveled across the U.S. with his family in a 32 foot RV.


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His Own Words:

My passion is to make great art as a testament to the amazingly gracious, creative God that gave me all my gifts and talents. I aspire to score feature films that make an impact on and resonate with my culture. I want my music to speak life into the listener. For my film scores, I believe the music should tell a side of the story that video can not capture. Film music should convey the internal story within the main characters as well as even capture the climate of the setting. Music can be so poignant, you can virtually smell and feel the back alley or the tropical beach a scene is set in. Outrageous goal? Perhaps. But if I’m going to dream, why not dream with the giants?


Invision Credits:

M & Simpson – The Pickup – Production Sound, ADR Engineer
NOBLE – Composer, Production Sound