Eddie Richard

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Eddie Richard

About Eddie:

Eddie Richard is the co-founder of Green Lit Magazine and Thousand Hills Pictures and a talented screenwriter and producer.  He has worked for several non-profit organizations for the past ten years. In 2009 he co-wrote and co-produced his first feature film that released in a few theaters and on DVD in 2011.  Born in Pennsylvania, raised in So Cal and for the last 13 year (+or-) lived in Fort Worth with his wife and two daughters. Invision has partnered with Thousand Hills Pictures on a few of the shorts and has plans for several more in the future.


Follow Eddie On:

Facebook: facebook.com/eddie.richard3
Green Lit Magazine: greenlitmag.com
Thousand Hills Pictures: thousandhillspictures.com
Tumblr: greenlitejrichard.tumblr.com


His Own Words:

My journey into film making began in 2002 when I started my first attempt at writing a screenplay (which I have yet to finish). In 2009 I started production on my first feature length screenplay. It was a faith based  independent feature film and played in a few theaters, and is currently released on DVD. The experience of process was interesting to say the least.  That experience was my film school and for that I have very grateful.
1991 (11years old) is when it really started.  I had just seen Back to the Future III and I figured it needed to have a fourth movie installment… I mean Doc can’t just fly away in his train, right?  Throughout high school, I considered myself the unofficial film critic.  It wasn’t until 2006 when I really sat down and got serious about it.  I had zero dollars, no camera and no crew.  My friend, Jason Smith and I shared the filmmaking bug and we thought, “what can we do, right now?” Imagination is free… I had a pencil and I could find paper.  Everything in filmmaking starts on paper, I figured I would start there as well.  I currently have several projects in various stages of development (they tell you to say that, it makes you sound like you have a lot going on) – paid for some, some for free, but hey, its the journey…


Invision Credits:

Santa Warfare (Don’t Mess With Santa) – Writer
– Writer, First AD, Producer
The Agent – Producer, First AD
Sixty Seconds of Action – Producer, Co-Director