There are many ways to skin a cat… at least that’s what they say. We have never done it, so we wouldn’t know. However, what we do know is filmmaking is simply telling stories, and like the cat, there are many ways to skin it. At Invision Media we want to be a part of training, improving techniques and providing a platform for people to follow their cinema dreams. It’s quite simple really, no one man can do it by himself. Yes a painter paints the canvas and it’s called art, but ask him to get that painting to move in front of thousands of eyes… he will not be able to do it alone.

Together, Invision media has a few award-winning shorts under our belts and several more shorts and a features in preproduction. On this site you’ll find info about our latest projects, news about us and the cinema world in general, tutorials, tips & tricks, info about the team and a place to join, and different posts from our many friends and team members. Invision is not just about making “our” films but being a part of a community of filmmakers who are passionate, want to learn and are excited to impact the world of film.

What’s to come? stick with us… learn with us… let the camera roll… and we shall see.


The Cast & Crew of Sixty Seconds of Action