Up and Running Oct14


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Up and Running

Our new site is up and running! Be sure and check out all of our videos and posts, crew profiles and more. It’s a big step for us, we’re thrilled. :)

A quick overview of the sections:

About is pretty self-explanatory. All about Invision, who we are and what we do.

Contact has all the best ways to get a hold of us, including a nifty little form.

Apply is something we’re really excited about! A quick form for all the actors/actresses and crewmen who want to be a part. We’re always wanting to expand the team, this is a great tool to help us get in touch with you.

Then there’s all the post categories. Film & Links are up now and there’s more to come as we grow and write including Photos, (free) Resources and Tutorials.

Thanks to all the people who helped us make it this far. We’re super happy about what’s to come!